Samantha Payne

Samantha Payne

Samantha Payne is the Co-Founder of The Pink Elephants Support Network, a charity created to offer support to couples experiencing early pregnancy loss. After enduring her own journey of miscarriages and secondary infertility she identified an unmet need in terms of emotional support for couples also going through early pregnancy loss. After conducting research and learning that 103,000 couples a year will report a miscarriage in Australia together with Gabbi Armstrong they created meaningful and relevant content based on the research and needs of couples facing this unique type of disenfranchised grief.

They provide emotional support literature in the form of resources online and in print, online support groups and peer support programs.

To date they have supported over 10,000 couples in 3 years; 2019 has seen the launch of their online survey with The University of Melbourne and will see the launch of their MIGuide – The first clinical guidelines into the treatment of patients through miscarriage and infertility.

‘Whilst Miscarriage and infertility are individual journeys they should not be walked alone.’

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