Jo Dunin

Jo Dunin

Jo first attended the eight week MBSR course in 2008 and she was immediately drawn to the way in which it made possible a greater openness and curiosity towards the challenges that arise in daily life. Jo trained to be an MBSR teacher through Openground Australia in 2013. Jo feels her Mindfulness practice enabled her to live through her experience of cancer with greater acceptance and equanimity.

She taught the MBSR program to patients as part of the randomized control trial exploring the benefits of MBSR for patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. This study was done in conjunction with the University of Melbourne. Jo has been teaching staff at St Vincent’s Hospital since 2013 where she hears health professionals talk about the way mindfulness has given them greater capacity to manage their very stressful roles in the public health sector.

Jo is a professional historian and writes commissioned histories. She completed training as a Registered Nurse and worked for some years in nursing before completing postgraduate studies in history.

Jo feels her life is enriched by her mindfulness practice. It has allowed her to bring wisdom and compassion to her mindfulness teaching.

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