FSA Conference E-Posters are available for viewing by clicking the links below:

01. Ten year follow-up of gametes cryopreserved for fertility preservation in cancer patients

Franca Agresta

02. The use of time-lapse videography to diagnose blastocyte survival after vitrification and warming prior to single embryo transfer

Hamish Barblett

03. A combined PGD+PGS NGS solution for beta-thalessemia and HLA-A typing

Matthew Brockman

04. Australian and New Zealand fertility clinics lack th evidence to support offered interventions?

Darren Chow

05. Analysis of in house Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) data over 4 years

Alicia Filby

06. The effect of clomiphene citrate on endometrial thickness, ovulation and pregnancy rates: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Moustafa Gadalla

07. Lipiodol uterine bathing in in vitro fertilisation: a randomised control trial

Elizabeth Glanville (Full PowerPoint)

08. Potential leukemic contamination in frozen ovarian tissue

Debra Gook

09. Ovulation induction in polycystic syndrome: a systematic review assessing the value of published clinical trials

Esther Jones

10. Analysis of growth hormone and dehydroepiandrosterone supplementation in IVF

Kevin Keane

11. Our experience in prescribing long acting FSH analogue Elvona with Menopur in patients with previous poor outcomes

Amber Kennedy

12. Use of next generation sequencing to confirm chromosome abnormalities detected in embryos using Karyomapping 

Amy Lewis (Full PowerPoint)

13. Analysis of chromosonally-screened embryo transfer failures provides new insights for reproductive failures 

Nicola Magin (Full PowerPoint)

14. The reproducibility of sperm DNA fragmentation measurements when using the Halosperm G2 commercial kit

Phill Matson

15. The use in semen analysis of two counting chambers designed for microscopic urinalysis

Phill Matson

16. Health and fertility of young adult men conceived using ICSI: Preliminary data from Monash IVF

Robert McLachlan

17. Seasonal, daily, and weather influences on IVF success

Tayla Meerkin

18. New insight to proportion of dominant follicles for HCG trigger timing in aged women

Zhang QingXue

19. Effect of male age on the pregnancy outcomes of ART

Zhang QingXue

20. Rapamycin preserve primordial follicle pool during cisplatin treatment in mice

Zhang QingXue (Full PowerPoint)

21. Artificial blastocoel collapse prior to vitrification of blastocysts improves post-thaw outcomes without changing Na+/K+-atpase expression

Ryan Rose (Full PowerPoint)

22. Intralipid immunotherapy for repeated IVF failure

Gavin Sacks

23. Posttraumatic growth of Australian females who have given birth

Ashleigh Schweinsberg (Full PowerPoint)

24. The assisted reproduction program for HIV affected patients at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne. An update of clinical outcomes from the past 15 years

Rafael Serrano Real

25. The use of gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists for fertility preservation among Australian Oncologists

James Trotta

26. Sperm parameters after washing a semen sample do not predict pregnancy outcome after IUI

Cathy Tully

27. The effect of abnormal cleavage observed using time-lapse videography on subsequent blastocyst formation

Melissa Vitorino

28. Enrichment of a BRCA1 deletion during whole genome amplification for a combined PGS+PGD approach

Kimberly Warren

29. Maximising clinical NGS data: The effect of sequencing read length

Kimberly Warren

30. Safe storage of cryo-preserved human sperm in vapour

Kate Watson

31. Refreezing of donor sperm

Kate Watson

32. Finding a place for Corifollitropin within the PIVET FSH dosing algorithms

John Yovich